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How to Give Your Family Room a Modern Update 15 June 2019

As a mom who wants her home to look stylish and elegant, but also happens to have kids, combining beautiful with practical – and hoping it’ll survive the destructive phase of my little monsters – was definitely a challenge. However, I dare say that I think I did a pretty good job, since most of the things I added are still standing. So, if you’re in a similar situation, here are a couple of tips I’d like to share with you.
Now, one of the most famous décor-related problems when you have young kids is that they just love to draw – and they don’t really care where. Your white ottoman might look perfectly modern and elegant to you, but to your 3-year-old child, it looks like a perfect canvas. So, in order to prevent your walls and furniture from being turned into a “piece of art”, give your kids an area just for drawing – use chalkboard wall paint. This way, they will have one wall just for them, and you can also use it to write down important things you shouldn’t forget like phone messages or event reminders. You can use it for writing down inspirational quotes as well, or for making your own art. In short, besides being very practical, it can be visually appealing as well.
Next, if your family room is painted in neutral colors like mine, you want to spice things up a big. Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of neutrals until I did some research and realized that what makes them the best choice is their versatility. Having a neutral base means you can use pretty much any color you like as your accent color. In the end, what you get is everything but boring. Plus, neutrals are very easy on the eyes, so you don’t instantly get that “this is where the kids play” vibe that you would from too many vibrant colors. So, back to the spicing up. The way I did this was by introducing a bright rug – and complementing it with a couple of bright pillows. It makes the room more interesting, and the kids love playing on the rug. Plus, if something does get spilled or dropped, the colorful patterns on the rug hide the stains pretty well.
Speaking of child-proofing your home, TVs are also very “vulnerable” items. They can get knocked over if they aren’t mounted, or they can get destroyed if your young kids somehow get a hold of any kind of glue. I’ve seen it happen, so I made sure my TV is safe. I did this by installing a barn-door cover which slides over the TV. It matches the style of the family room perfectly, and it takes the attention away from the big black gadget when it’s not on.
After you’ve given your kids areas where they can go wild, you should be able to choose a bit more daring furniture. For example, you can get leather lounge suites in white, black, or cream. They’d match the neutral base perfectly, and nothing is more modern than leather. Plus, if you have furry pets like I do, you will love your leather furniture; cleaning up all the hair really doesn’t take that much time.
Next, you can also add some entertainment options for the whole family. For example, my husband and my older child like to play board games and cards, so we’ve added a game table that is perfect for that. You can easily push it against the wall, or just cover it with some fabric when you’re done playing.
Similarly, if you love reading, you can create your own reading nook in the family room. I happen to have very wide window sills in that room, so I’ve turned one window area into a comfortable reading corner with a fantastic view. I keep my books in a small storage bellow, and I have a small coffee table nearby for my morning coffee. Also, it’s a perfect spot because I can keep an eye on my kids from there whether they are playing in the room or in the backyard.
So, there it is – my family room. I do think it’s quite modern because it’s very functional, but when you enter it, it’s also very visually appealing. There’s an area for everything – reading, playing, watching TV, etc., so it generally looks very organized. Of course, you should decorate yours according to your own needs, but I hope this gives you a few useful ideas.