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Choosing the Right Teething Remedies 12 August 2019

As a new parent, you need to get prepared for a lot of unplanned scenarios. However, nobody can get quite prepared with the constant cry of a teething baby. Just as you think the new tooth is about to pop out, that simply doesn't seem to happen. And the pain and itching are inevitable. To make matters worse, you can never know how long will it last, or when will all the teeth come out. So, the ongoing question is what to do? Except plucking your hair out, or experiencing a nervous breakdown, there are a few things you can apply to help your teething baby. Here is the list that will surely ease your child's teething process.

Use chilly delights

One of the best and simplest remedies for aching and swelling gums is cold. It might not sound like the most comfortable remedy, but many parents reported 90 percent of efficiency. At least in 20 minutes. You can freeze several safe items for your baby to gum and chew. Form soft baby washcloths to delicious delight. Frozen bananas and carrot sticks can help numb your babies ache in no time. There are also some toys with the cold gel that can be useful or to chill a spoon in the refrigerator, but the best option is to go with hard or cold food. Baby will spend minutes nibbling on cold watermelon and afterward feel content. If your baby is young and doesn't eat concrete food, then go with spoon or toys with gel.

Chamomile tea

One very useful remedy form Mother Nature is certainly chamomile. This homeopathic remedy can relieve teething symptoms like gum redness and irritability. If you make tea and let it chill until the baby drinks it might not be so effective. Try soaking a burping cloth with chamomile tea and freeze damp cloth and later let the baby chew on it for a cold, numbing sensation. This will soothe baby's gums, and you don't need to worry about your baby having a sore throat since the cloth will quickly turn warm.

Try out fun teething toys

If you are searching for the easiest and most applicable way to help your baby ease the discomfort of teething, then try out teething toys and bibs. Nowadays, you can find an abundance of toys that come in various shapes and sizes. Toys are actually very helpful since the baby nibbles all around the toys in order to ease the pain, and at the same time, play with it. Look for quality and safe toys or fun and colorful teething dribble bibs and mittens. For instance, Becalm Baby uses only non-toxic materials and all of their products are made out of 100 % cotton. Many liquid-filled teething toys are designed to be chilled, so make sure that they use the most quality silicone gel and plastic.

Apply gentle massage

As your baby dribbles and starts putting her hands (and many other things) in her mouth, you will immediately notice that it is teething. Something the best remedy is the simplest rub on your baby’s gums. Wash your hands thoroughly, and with your finger or clean moistened gauze pad, rub your baby's gums. Apply gentle massage moves in a circular way to ease the itchy and achy feeling. You can even apply a little bit of pressure to ease the discomfort. If your baby starts sucking your finger, then stop the procedure, and repeat it after 15 minutes.

Amber necklace

If you are going to call out for help from nature, there is another way to ease your baby's teething symptoms. Another natural remedy is wearing an amber necklace. Almost all amber teething necklaces are made from Baltic amber or fossilized resin that contain succinic acid. This acids aids is anti-inflammatory and gives the baby a soothing and calming solution to her teething aches. It works on a simple principle. The baby's body heats the amber, causing it to release oils that contain succinic acid and it automatically gets absorbed into the bloodstream which helps the baby ease its pain.

Mother’s wonders

By breastfeeding your little bundle of joy, you give the baby everything it needs, as well as the ease from pain. The sucking activity is what all babies love, especially when they feel the warmth of their mothers. This will give them comfort and relief from teething pain. If this doesn't seem to help, or the baby starts bitting mom's breast, then simply move on to other remedies.

It takes patience, persistence, and a lot of nerve to go through the teething phase. Even though it might be a hard and long process, parents will be the only ones who will remember it all.