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opk, ttc and timing confusion

Sammiam09's Photo Sammiam09 29 Apr 2019

Feeling confused and frustrated today.

I was on 150mg Clomid for this cycle and decided to use a digital opk for the first time.

CD17 it was positive and I had ewcm - I assumed (and my fertility app) put me at ovulating the next day (cd18) - would this be correct? I also had a blood test on cd21 to confirm ovulation in which it did, but not for which day it occurred.

My frustration is at the fact that I am now a day late, on cd33 and am yet to get my period, any symptoms of my period and had a bfn with fmu this morning.

Is my ovulation day calculation off?

Like I said, first time using a digital opk whilst on Clomid and we bded as often as possible leading up to cd14 (as per doctor recommendation) and a few days after my positive opk.

I know, I know - just wait, relax, don't over think it, it's only one day! But one way or another I just want to move on - get my bfp or just get my period so as we can start our next cycle of Clomid!

IamOzgirl's Photo IamOzgirl 29 Apr 2019

A medicated cycle (ie clomid in this case) can throw everything out of whack. So your period might be late.

The only way to get a closer date for O is to temp.

I personally would do it half a*sed (ie don’t stress to much about when you do it, just do it before getting out of bed)

Edited to clarify- only thing besides more regular bloods to confirm O
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moineau's Photo moineau 01 May 2019

It's also possible that your Leutal phase is longer than 14 days.

Temping probably isn't a bad idea just to have all the data working together.