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Progesterone pessaries - 17 weeks

Serendipity91's Photo Serendipity91 11 May 2019

Just wanting some advice, reassurance, opinions on using Progesterone pessaries.
I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant, after 2 previous first trimester MMCs last year. I feel the progesterone has made all the difference for me this time round. I started weaning from 14 weeks as the placenta should have well and truly taken over by that point and am down to one pessary every 2nd night and should be stopping by 18 weeks. All is going perfect so far, I had a scan last week but I’m still so scared to completely stop the progesterone, I guess more worrying about preterm birth as well now. I still have 26 pessaries left which if I continued every 2nd night til they ran out would take me up to 25 weeks.
Just wanting to know if anyone used them for that long and/or if there are any risks in still using them up until that point?
I know I’m being paranoid here I just don’t want to take any chances if I still have the option of taking them.

Mollyksy's Photo Mollyksy 11 May 2019

I started using them at 27 weeks as my cervix had shortened to basically nothing to help prevent labour. I've also used them at the front end. Delightful thing they are! I totally understand and would imagine you'd be fine. Run it by your dr in case there is a downside but I dont imagine every 2nd night is doing much. All the best for a boring rest of your pregnancy!

Disydo2018's Photo Disydo2018 12 May 2019

I stopped taking mine at ten weeks and then started again at 11 weeks - dr said there was no harm in taking them and they might help even though the placenta should have taken over. But you’re further along so I’m not sure if it’s different - just check with the dr :-)

FunkyOwl's Photo FunkyOwl 13 May 2019

With my second child my progesterone was so low in first trimester I was told until 10 weeks that I should expect to miscarry any day. I had 2 miscarriages and 4 chemicals behind me at that point (and a successful pregnancy).

I took 4 pessaries per day from 4 weeks until 24 weeks (tapering off from 4 to 0, from 16-24 weeks). I then went into labour at 36 weeks. After 16 weeks they weren't really keeping an eye on the situation though, as the issue with me was PCOS hormone related progesterone issues, so once the placenta took over, in theory I should have been fine.

I had shocking "braxton hicks" from 27 weeks (so 3 weeks after stopping the pessaries completely), which got worse and worse until the morning of labour. In hindsight I wondered if I should have been more worried about that. I just didn't feel right - like my body was prepping for labour so early. It hadn't happened with my first. Everyone, including my OB, said it was totally normal. But in hindsight, I wish I'd paid more attention to my gut instinct. DS was in NICU for 24 hours because the labour came on so strong and suddenly (less than 2 hours - unless you count the 9 weeks of contractions leading up to it), but he was totally fine after he recovered as 36 weeks is still a good gestation.

If I had had a third baby I would have asked to be monitored until the end for any pre-term labour signs and progesterone levels dropping.

With my first I took 2 pessaries per day from 4 to 16 weeks (tapering off from 12 weeks) and was induced at 40 weeks due to unrelated issues (gestational diabetes), so they worked great.

I would speak with your doctor about your fears and ask for monitoring and just pay attention to any signs. Chances are you'll be fine, but worrying through an entire pregnancy is not fun - been there. Good luck!

Serendipity91's Photo Serendipity91 13 May 2019

Thanks for the reply ladies!
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