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Mmmcheese's Photo Mmmcheese 17 May 2019

View PostWTFancie shmancie, on 16 May 2019 - 09:23 PM, said:

I'm the same.

I can't read Stella like a normal person.

I have to bellow it!

It's the Simpsons for me, because I am uncultured!

Gudrun's Photo Gudrun 17 May 2019

I'm with Drat. Don't love it but it sure goes well with Phoebe.

Love Estella and Esther.

Soontobegran's Photo Soontobegran 17 May 2019

I love a little person in my family with the name. I also loved the name before she had it.

AliasMater's Photo AliasMater 17 May 2019

Oh all the 'Ella' names, this is probably the best. I really dislike Ella though.

rainycat's Photo rainycat 17 May 2019

It’s a nice name but when I hear it I’m reminded of Elaine from Seinfeld after her pain medication kicked in.

seayork2002's Photo seayork2002 17 May 2019

I love Stella, but not a fan of Ella or Bella

teddytbumpandme's Photo teddytbumpandme 17 May 2019

Not a fan, I know too many puppies named Stella.

I do however like Estelle or as a PP suggested Esther, and both are lovely with Phoebe =)

lalalove's Photo lalalove 17 May 2019

Absolutely love it

majirlo's Photo majirlo 17 May 2019

Beautiful. Love the connection with the meanings.

Also love Phoebe & Esther - nn Phoebes & Essie :))

Karlee99's Photo Karlee99 17 May 2019

I am not a huge fan, but knowing the meanings it is a lovely match with Phoebe

Imaginary friend's Photo Imaginary friend 17 May 2019

I quite like it ( I like Ella too) and it works well with Phoebe.

fruitfairy's Photo fruitfairy 17 May 2019

I have a little Stella.  My son named her, he was 5 when she was born and his best friend at childcare was a Stella.  I remember when I first met her I thought what a fantastic name.

I still laugh at the Seinfeld "Stella" reference and no one really mentions Street Car.

She gets Stell Bell, Stells and Stellie.  She's a very cool 6 year old, well I think so anyway.

As for dogs called Stella, meh, still a good name. I know a cat called Stella too. I love human names on pets.

nom_de_plume's Photo nom_de_plume 17 May 2019

I love it and it goes well with Phoebe.

I wanted to use Stella for my daughter but couldn’t talk DP into it :(

Ollie83's Photo Ollie83 17 May 2019

I like it, I’d considered it with DD but it’s SIL’s dogs name  and a good friends daughter so hubby said no. Great with Phoebe too.
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PaperCats's Photo PaperCats 19 May 2019

Not for me, it’s very common in my circles and I don’t like common

Sarzie's Photo Sarzie 19 May 2019

Phoebe and Esther are also a beautiful pair if you want something less common

WTFJerk's Photo WTFJerk 19 May 2019

It’s a yes from me

Astrocyte's Photo Astrocyte 19 May 2019

I like Stella much better than Ella and Bella. Stella goes nicely with Phoebe. I also like Esther as suggested by PPs.

iwanttosleepin's Photo iwanttosleepin 19 May 2019

I love it as a name but it seems to come with such high expectations.

jkate_'s Photo jkate_ 19 May 2019

I absolutely love it!  I Can't use it because of our surname ("St" beginning) but have always thought it was lovely

snowball's Photo snowball 19 May 2019

Lovely name and works well with Phoebe

Plaxy's Photo Plaxy 20 May 2019

It's okay, though I'm not particularly a fan. It works well with sister Phoebe. I prefer Celeste, Esther, Estelle and Seren with similar meanings. It may be more popular than you think, having been in the top 100 for a few years now. Statistically it's more common than Bella in Australia.

YodaTheWrinkledOne's Photo YodaTheWrinkledOne 22 May 2019

When I hear Stella, I always hear "HEY STELLA!!!" in my mind, although my sister and I always do it as "Hey, STELLLL-LAAAHHHH"
yep, Marlon Brando (he was such a hottie in that movie!)
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