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5 miscarriages in a row, pregnant again an...

GreyhoundLover's Photo GreyhoundLover 16 May 2019

So I've had 5 miscarriages in a row, all of which stopped developing at around 6-7 weeks. I have had all the tests under the sun which have all come back as normal for both my husband and I. One of the miscarriages was Trisomy 16 - none of the others were tested.

We did an IVF cycle last month with a view to genetically screening the embryos but the cycle got cancelled because my dose was too low and only one follicle matured. My FS advised me to try naturally and see if I got lucky and now we are pregnant again!!

I've been trying to keep my emotions under control... and to not let the fear get to me. What I would love is some success stories where people had three or more miscarriages in a row and then boom. healthy baby out of the blue. I am wishing and hoping and praying desperately that this will happen for us..

I've been on progesterone gel because this is an 'artificial' cycle and for the first time ever have had no spotting around implantation time (I spotted at 8dpo-11dpo in all my previous unsuccessful pregnancies).

My bloods taken at 15dpo were an hcg of 253 and progesterone of 258 which the nurse said were both great levels - they want to reduce my progesterone gel to only once a day now because of that level but Im worried!!

I know no one has a crystal ball but I'd love some reassurance  :pray: :pray: :pray:

cvbn's Photo cvbn 16 May 2019

I just want to wish you all the best x

Mollyksy's Photo Mollyksy 16 May 2019

I had 7 miscarriages all from IVF. Only 3 were tested, all chromosome abnormalities. The last IVF cycle I was supposed to do Pgd but only got two eggs so it wasnt worth it. Pregnancy number 8 was my DS. I wish you all the very best. It's such a roller coaster.

One thing I learned is that whether I got excited or not with a pregnancy didnt help the devastation losing the baby so I figured I may as well seize those moments of joy where I could.

Those are great levels. Wishing you a very boring 8 months or so!!

DM. 2012's Photo DM. 2012 16 May 2019

I had 2 miscarriages before being successful with my son, so I can’t really compare with you, but my thoughts and wishes are with you. I know what it’s like to check the paper every time you go to the toilet, to worry if you don’t “feel” pregnant or have any morning sickness (that would at least have been re-assuring). Even after a scan at 6 weeks and then the usual 12 week one, I still expected bad news.

My fingers are crossed for you this time.

maryanneK's Photo maryanneK 16 May 2019

OP, I can only send you a big internet hug and some reassurance from someone who's been there
Your post is almost identical to my experience - 5 early MC, 1 chromosomal abnormality detected, others all spontaneous/unknown causes. Fell pregnant with #6 naturally. progesterone for the pregnancy.
Anxious as hell the whole way through - then a happy healthy baby! And another 2 after that with no further miscarriages.
No idea what was going on with me but I did end up with a happy ending.
Wishing you all the best OP

Future-self's Photo Future-self 16 May 2019

Not my experience nut I went though similar with a family member. I would talk to them about how you aren’t comfortable  stopping the progesterone yet and you want to stay on it. I’m not sure if this is the IVf clinic that you saw but I’m surprised they are rushing to take you off given your history

Ellie bean's Photo Ellie bean 16 May 2019

No experience sorry but I have my fingers crossed for you greyhound lover

alchetta's Photo alchetta 16 May 2019

A very close friend had five miscarriages, random healthy baby then a sixth miscarriage. I'm so sorry for your losses and the anxiety and really hope this will become your good news story xx

FunkyOwl's Photo FunkyOwl 17 May 2019

5 miscarriages
DS1 born healthy
1 more miscarriage
DS2 born healthy

I was a nervous wreck during DS1's pregnancy. But it finally happened after 3 years of IVF and fertility treatment and endless bad news. Very high doses of progesterone and Clexane were what worked for me for both pregnancies, after everything else including IVF failed.

Good luck! It DOES happen!

Chaotic Pogo's Photo Chaotic Pogo 17 May 2019

I’m so sorry for your losses.

I had 3 mc, DS1, 1 mc, DD, DS2

It has never made sense. We were about to start IVF when DD happened. 1 Trisomy 21, the rest unknown.

I was a nervous wreck so I shouldn’t say ‘try to reduce your stress levels’ but I will.

Just give yourself permission to obsess, bore your partner with worry, and use EB.  Eat comfort food, take a sickie or holiday, stop socialising and bunker down at home - whatever is less effort for you.

Take the taxi, don’t work late, whatever reduces the demands on you. Not because I think that had flip to do with a Mc, just you’ve earned the right to handle this any way you want so you may as well try making it easy on yourself!!

Sending good vibes

GreyhoundLover's Photo GreyhoundLover 17 May 2019

Thanks so much to everyone for sharing your stories. I am so sorry for you all and think you have been so incredibly brave to keep going. Im fairly sure we will get there eventually after reading all the studies on this but I hope that healthy baby is just around the corner for us!!

Your stories have really helped me. Im due for more bloods tomorrow morning. Still no spotting which is great. Im feeling hopeful but wont believe it if we see a heartbeat at the 7 week scan!! Even after all Ive been through if this pregnancy is healthy Id feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Soontobegran's Photo Soontobegran 17 May 2019

I have not personally experienced this but have cared for women with an obstetric history like yours and in some cases worse who had a subsequent successful pregnancy.

I just wish you every good luck with your pregnancy...so many congratulations

GreyhoundLover's Photo GreyhoundLover 17 May 2019

Thank you soontobegran xxxxx

coolbreeze's Photo coolbreeze 17 May 2019

my mum back in the 1960's had three miscarriages and then went on to have three healthy daughters.
I am the eldest.
Fingers crossed for you.

GreyhoundLover's Photo GreyhoundLover 18 May 2019

I got my results today - hcg has gone to 975 (was 250 on wednesday) and progesterone is 167 (253 on Wednesday but i have gone back to once daily instead of twice).

Im feeling cautiously hopeful... the clinic was really happy

imme's Photo imme 18 May 2019

They're great levels  :)

Everything crossed for you that things continue to go well!

Sancti-claws's Photo Sancti-claws 18 May 2019

Not my stories but:

Growing up, the family across the river had 9 children aged 24 down - apparently the mother had 5 miscarriages before the first one stuck.

When I first started reading blogs, one of the ladies (American) that I followed had several unexplained miscarriages, which apparently was 1 less than she needed to be able to get a certain type of medical assistance, so she dutifully got pregnant again expecting a miscarriage - and it didn't.

Demera's Photo Demera 18 May 2019

Good luck. All you can do it wait and see, and hopefully this one sticks.

Of five pregnancies, I've had three miscarriages and two healthy babies; MC, MC, baby, MC, baby. Only the second MC had a known cause (molar pregnancy).  It's a very stressful time through the first trimester and each day counts for so much.  My personal experience was that *any* bleeding was bad news.  My two healthy pregnancies I had zero bleeding at all. So I've got a got feeling about you this time.  :pray:

GreyhoundLover's Photo GreyhoundLover 18 May 2019

Demera I totally agree. First pregnancy- no bleeding, all a ok. Second pregnancy tiny pink spotting all ok. 3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th a lot of spotting - all miscarriages. Thanks for your advice x

GreyhoundLover's Photo GreyhoundLover 23 May 2019

I had some spotting yesterday and totally wigged out. It has stopped now.

Hcg level at 5 weeks (yesterday) was 11000 and progesterone was 158 which the clinic said was great (more than doubling in 48 hours). Each hcg test has been good news (ive had 3 tests so far) and the progesterone is holding around 160 - in previous miscarriages it started at 50 and kept dropping... so things are looking pretty good right???

Ugh I hate this anxiety - 7 week scan seems so far away!

WTF_SM3's Photo WTF_SM3 23 May 2019

I remember your earlier threads Greyhound lover and just wanted to reply to wish you good luck and strength.  Anxiety sucks. I bled, bright red with DD.  Got sent for an emergency scan by my doctor who was sure it was all over.  It wasn't. I have everything crossed for you xx.

Mollyksy's Photo Mollyksy 23 May 2019

Hang in there. I had a bit of bleeding and a large clot at 10 weeks with my DS and after the 7 miscarriages was freaked but all was good. I did say a prayer every toilet visit though.

I know the feeling about waiting until that 7 week scan! Time passes glacially!!

maryanneK's Photo maryanneK 23 May 2019

everything crossed for you OP. Will be watching for updates! I remember being so nervous every time I went to the toilet...its such an agonising wait
So far so good for you - lets hope it continues!

Kabu84's Photo Kabu84 23 May 2019

I’ve had red spotting in all my pregnancies- two were MC and two were my DD’s.So for me red spotting was not a clear sign either way. It all sounds very positive for you so good luck!

Chaotic Pogo's Photo Chaotic Pogo 24 May 2019

All mine that made it above 10000 hcg  level stuck.

My anxiety was so bad my gp let me test levels every second day about 6 times for DS1.

Your hcg has been great.

Have been thinking  of you and sending luck