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Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test

*melrose*'s Photo *melrose* 25 May 2019

Just brought a box of these today as we are wanting to start trying for a baby. Time is running out lol.
Has anyone had any good news on these Ovulation digital test trips? Interested to know what is best for testing Ovulation. Thanks in advance.

BeachesBaby's Photo BeachesBaby 26 May 2019

I’ve used the clear blue digital opk several times, the one that goes from open circle to blinking smiley face to solid smiley face. The same time I was using them I was having my blood tested every few days for ovulation tracking with my ivf clinic, and every time I did both simultaneously the clear blue lined up with bloods, so I’d trust it quite a bit.

That said a year and a half later I’m still not pregnant, and am about to do my second transfer for ivf (we had a mmc in late March), so nothing is a guarantee that it’ll get you pregnant faster, but it will definitely help to pinpoint the best window to try.

Beanette's Photo Beanette 27 May 2019

I used these when TTC our second child and found them excellent (the ones that show a blinking and solid smiley face). I was able to pinpoint ovulation every time, as I got pregnant three cycles in a row (two MC unfortunately)

Make sure you use the same reader for your whole cycle, even if you use more than a box worth of test strips. If you swap readers half way through it will get confused.

Good luck! xx

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