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***TTC June 2019***

Pal30's Photo Pal30 29 May 2019

Hey everyone thought Id start June after a bfn this morning. Af due Sat.

If you want to let me know testing dates Ill add them to this original post.

We are ttc no 3, cycle 16!

Baby dust!!

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10 JC22
12 nat2910
30 Pal30
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JC 22's Photo JC 22 29 May 2019

Hi ladies, thanks Pal for kicking of June, sorry about your bfn hopefully this is a lucky month for all xx

I’m now on my 18th month ttc and cd 12 so probably O in the next 48 hours but not tracking this cycle trying to take a more chilled approach,  My Reflexologists orders...  I’m thinking of testing on my birthday the 10th of June I should be about 11dpo..

Good luck for June everyone xxx
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BeachesBaby's Photo BeachesBaby 29 May 2019

Sorry to hear about the bfn pal. I’m having another round of bloods and scan tomorrow to see if the gonal-f has grown any follicles or thickened my lining at all. Feeling pretty crushed still, from being on a “we can do this” feeling once this cycle started, to now feeling like will this ever happen? It’s month 18 for us too.

rowd's Photo rowd 29 May 2019

Hi again everyone. I'm currently cd 15, no sign yet of O, so no idea when testing will be. Kinda glad I haven't od yet though as I've been sick and definitely not up for trying. Hoping I'll get some signs in the next week so I'm not looking at another crazy long cycle.

Peebs's Photo Peebs 29 May 2019

Hey Ladies! Sorry for your BFN Pal :( Hoping we all have much more luck this month

I'm 4dpo today, cycle 18 TTC our first and our very last cycle before moving to IVF.  Just spending this cycle preparing mentally and physically as much as we can to move forward.

I'll test on 12dpo which will be 6th June - also the day I'm meeting my IVF Nurse to learn how to do my injections.

Best of luck for June everyone xxx

Pal30's Photo Pal30 29 May 2019

Wow i cant believe we are all long term ttcers:(

Our luck is going to change guys!

BeachesBaby's Photo BeachesBaby 29 May 2019

It makes me feel a little better - if that doesn’t sound too terribly mean. Most of the time I’m surrounded by people who act like 4-6 months of ttc was this interminable wait where they “struggled” or know what it’s like for it just not to happen, and I just get this blank look on my face because I can’t think of anything more wonderful than conceiving without issues in just a few months. So being with other ladies who are in my shoes, at least I feel like I’m with my people.

Pal30's Photo Pal30 29 May 2019

Yup. Doesnt sound mean at all.

I only know of one other friend IRL who is currently ttcing and has been for almost 2 years.

Its really hard when other people just dont get it.

Peebs's Photo Peebs 29 May 2019

Ditto ladies, I have no one else I know in the same boat. They all say oh we might start trying and then announce like 2 seconds later. Super frustrating

BabyBlessed#4's Photo BabyBlessed#4 29 May 2019

Hey Ladies... well I am officially BLOATED! 😫
Head in to Day Surgery tomorrow for my Egg Pick Up for our first round of IVF (well first round with DF)

Scan yesterday showed about 18-22 follicles & E2 levels came in at 11,000 so apparently we can expect around 18-20 eggs tomorrow! No wonder I feel so uncomfortable & huge...😔

I’m excited to see how many we get & how they fertilise... I’m 40 next month so I’m worried they weren’t be good quality!!!

Then we wait till Tuesday for Transfer... then we wait 7 days for BETA! My FS does the first BT at only 7 days past O

classic_chick's Photo classic_chick 29 May 2019

I have had the same experience with everyone around me having babies. It has been 2 1/2 years TTC for us. I am getting a HyCoSy this month and seeing the FS again next month. Still testing in the meantime FWIW
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BeachesBaby's Photo BeachesBaby 29 May 2019

Wow, I’m sad to see there are more of us, but also feel even more part of the long term ttc community. I remember way back when, seeing some posts that someone had been trying for 18 months and thinking I’d die if that was me. Now I look at people who have been ttc for years longer than me and think the same, but I see that in reality that could be the future, there’s just no telling.
Here’s hoping to good things for all of us this month or soon.

My next scan is tomorrow, to see if the low dose gonal-f has grown my lining or follicles any. I don’t have much hope, but I tell myself maybe, just maybe.

Nat2910's Photo Nat2910 29 May 2019

Hi everyone,
New month, hopefully brings bfps to all!
I’ve been ttc 1 for about 14 months, with a lot of those months anovulatory. I’m now on o induction medication and I’ve had surgery to remove polyp and fibroids.
I’m due to o on Saturday and had a flashing smiley today 🙂
I recognise so many names from over the months posting. I hope your journey isn’t much longer.
Pal30, I’ll try to hold out until the 12th before testing if you want to add my name.
I’ve got my fingers crossed for a good month for all x

loulou1985's Photo loulou1985 29 May 2019

Hey everyone! My DS is 1 tomorrow and we're now NTNP for #2. Conceiving DS took about 12 months with an early mc in the middle so I'm hoping it's different this time round. Fingers crossed for everyone this month!

PS: even though we're NTNP at the moment I'll definitely be peeing on sticks in a few weeks. Think o is around now but I'm not tracking. I'm day 13 of an irregular cycle.

Ollie83's Photo Ollie83 29 May 2019

Hi everyone,

I’m new to these groups, we will be TTC from June our number 2. Number 1 is just about to turn 1 year & we’d love to have them close in age, I’m 35 and hubby is 39 so that’s also a factor especially if we’d like another if we’re blessed.

Reading some of the posts above about your TTC journeys, sending love and baby dust to you all.

Edited to add I will test about the 14th but don’t expect any surprises.

Ollie x
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jkate_'s Photo jkate_ 29 May 2019

I'm in for June

DH and I have been on/off ttc for about 3 years, I've always had a niggling doubt in the back of my mind but had the attitude that if it happens it's meant to be.  A few months ago my mind totally switched and we're definitely taking things more seriously now.  

I have PCOS and know that recent weight gain is making things harder, so working hard at getting that weight off to try and give us the best shot possible.    

CD4 atm, not testing until June 28.

BossBaby's Mum's Photo BossBaby's Mum 29 May 2019

Hi ladies!

Haven't posted in a while.... Still not pregnant... Cycles still irregular.... But I have now been told to do an ultrasound to see that I actually am ovulating.... I hope I am....

Next cycle we're gonna have guests staying over... So I really do hope we can catch that egg this cycle.... If not we'll probably not be able to bd properly next cycle....

GOOD LUCK to all of us!!

#YKG's Photo #YKG 29 May 2019

I’m currently cd21, cycle 5, haven’t o’d yet, approx 15 days till AF, so has to be soon, I’ve learnt my luteal phase is 12 days, If this cycle is off again, then I don’t know....my bbt hasn’t jumped yet so don’t think I’ve o’d. Frustrated with opk’s since they don’t truely work for me.

BabyBlessed#4's Photo BabyBlessed#4 30 May 2019

Just popping in to let you guys know we got 14 eggs today!!!
Now home for a nap

BeachesBaby's Photo BeachesBaby 30 May 2019

That’s great babyblesed, be sure to let us know how the next few days go with them.

I had my next lot of bloods and scan today, and thanking my lucky stars that my body has decided to get back on board now. My lining was only just below 5 on Monday, with no dominant follicles and estrogen still low. Today after 3 days of low dose gonal-f, my lining was 9, which is ideal, a dominant follicle was 15mm, and my estrogen is rising nicely. I feel so, so relieved that things are moving in the right direction. Next bloods and scan on Saturday and I’ll likely ovulate Sunday or Monday, for transfer next Friday or Saturday. I’m grateful to feel hopeful again. They don’t lie when they say ivf is a rollercoaster...
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onetrick's Photo onetrick 30 May 2019

Great news, babyblessed :)
I have a 13mo and am trying for #2. No luck in May so I'm back again. Much harder this time around to find time for us... I know the month we conceived last time was the one where we thought we had missed the date and we just stopped caring (as in 'let's have a month of not charting and just let things happen'... and they did!), so I'm hoping the same approach works this time!

#YKG's Photo #YKG 30 May 2019

That’s a good amount baby blessed.

AFM I’m frustrated, opk’s are getting fainter but my bbt hasn’t risen, I know when I’ve o’d because my nips get tender and nothing, I’m thinking of giving up on opk’s all together, they are expensive and I’ve only ever once gotten a solid smiley.

BabyBlessed#4's Photo BabyBlessed#4 30 May 2019

Thanks everyone... bit of a rough arvo/night with pain, nausea, headache & just feeling pretty crappy overall!

Hoping it’s just from the GA & pain meds & not the start of OHSS...

Big sleep tonight & rest day tomorrow & see how I feel!

We will get a call tomorrow with how many have fertilised over night, it’s so weird cause the lab is pretty much across the road from our house so we are like our babies are over there LOL!

Anyone else in here doing IVF at the moment?

Peebs's Photo Peebs 31 May 2019

Great number babyblessed! Let us know how you go today xx

I’m starting after this cycle so around the 8th June

BeachesBaby's Photo BeachesBaby 31 May 2019

Babyblessed - I know that struggle with pain and nausea. After my epu in February where I got 12, I was nauseous for the entire day (previous GA never gave me any problems), could hardly walk for the first 48 hours, and after that I could only walk hunched over for another day. Mine was just general epu pain, not ohss and we did a successful first transfer that month. Good luck on your fertilization results. The waiting is the worst part for me during ivf.