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jane94's Photo jane94 08 Jul 2019

Hi everyone! My husband and I decided to start TTC this month, after AF arrives. But it's now CD 36 and AF hasn't arrived, I keep getting BFN's, and we were using the withdrawal method so I'm not expecting to be pregnant. But I have no idea why it's so late, and its frustrating because we want to start trying now!

My cycles have started varying from 28days to 35days over the past year, so I've ordered some OPK's to track my ovulation for my next cycle, when it finally begins...

Has anyone else had this happen?

BeachesBaby's Photo BeachesBaby 08 Jul 2019

My cycles became incredibly irregular just as we started ttc, which was fantastic timing (note the sarcasm). 19 months later I’m about to do my third ivf transfer. During this time I started with the clearblue ovulation kits, did daily bbt temping, and also did the free 3 months of blood tests for ovulation tracking through an ivf clinic (genea), then ovulation induction to pinpoint ovulation more accurately, and moved to full on ivf in January.

I’d recommend starting temping now, as it takes a few months to see a trend. The app Fertility Friend is great for this. The clearblue flashing smiley kits were helpful too, as it took some pressure off and we could be sure we weren’t missing the window. That paired with temping confirmed I was in fact ovulating. Good luck! Long cycles suck :(

ljmcco's Photo ljmcco 08 Jul 2019

Is there any chance that you have PCOS? My cycles vary anywhere from 23 to 43 days. If you are coming off hormonal birth control, it can take a while for your cycle to settle into a regular pattern (and up your calcium intake, mucking with estrogen can lower your calcium and make you vulnerable to fractures).

Also, if you are losing a lot of weight, this can temporarily stop AF, stress, there are many things that can disrupt your cycle. If you're worried, speak to your GP.