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Laparoscopy and/or Hysteroscopy

marley.h's Photo marley.h 16 Jul 2019


Has anyone had a Laparoscopy and/or Hysteroscopy and can tell me roughly out of pocket costs??

I am in Melbourne and it will either be through fertility specialist Dr C.R at Monash IVF or a fertility specialist at Northpark Bundoora through City Fertility?

We have private cover through ahm.

Thanks so much x

ljmcco's Photo ljmcco 16 Jul 2019

Cost me $2500 for the surgeon, but that is before the Medicare/private health insurance rebates were taken off and before the anaesthesiologist and assistant surgeon (and any biopsy services) were added on.

I didn't pay for the hospital, because my private health insurance covered it.

I recommend phoning your health insurance first to check how much they will reimburse you.

Disydo2018's Photo Disydo2018 16 Jul 2019

I had top hospital cover so my only out of pocket costs for laparoscopy was the anaesthetist. I can’t remember how much that was but about $800 rings a bell. You should also check with insurance if you have an excess payment on your hospital cover.

Sara.xoxo's Photo Sara.xoxo 16 Jul 2019

Call the dr rooms and ask. They should be able to tell you roughly how much out of pocket you will be. Melb ivf used to have an info sheet with out of pocket costs (5 yrs ago now) and it was from memory about $1000 out of pocket all up. Probably be a bit more now. That was with top cover Medibank private.
Good luck, definitely give the dr rooms a call they will tell you xo
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Pal30's Photo Pal30 17 Jul 2019

I paid around $500 for doctor and $500 hospital excess.

Bumbleflop's Photo Bumbleflop 18 Jul 2019

I only had to pay $250 hospital excess, luckily everything was covered by health insurance.

Gonzy's Photo Gonzy 18 Jul 2019

I had both done at the same time.

I was out of pocket the hospital excess and part of the anesthetist costs.  Whilst both were for infertility, I don't have that specific cover in my PHI and was fortunate that they were gynecological and so I was able to claim both item numbers through PHI making my total out of pocket less than $1000.

You should be able to call both Dr's and request the specific item numbers for the procedures and then touch base with your PHI who can let you know the rebates.

Good luck.